The fire signs

Published: 07th April 2011
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The zodiac signs are classified according to four elements: Fire, land, water and air. Each element manifests itself differently in each sign depending on the astrological classification of that sign (mutable signs, fixed or cardinal).
Fire signs:

Such sign tends to be Individualistic and self-confident. Sometimes for this reason, the person with this sign seems selfish. You are active and vital. You own temperament, sometimes as to failing to "temper easily."

The fire sign has a strong intuition; you often make decisions guided by your instincts

You are impulsive but basically think of things more than they might seem.

Your great energy and desire to do things can be overwhelming to people of other signs. The fire signs are potential leaders and spread their vitality and dynamism.

The fire signs and other signs:

Fire and Water

There is a complicated relationship between fire and water, as the fire changes the water in steam and water extinguishes fire. It is not easy to reconcile the relationship between these signs, but neither it is impossible.

In the relationship between fire and water signs, an attempt is to impose on the other.

The fire sign can be cornered with a water sign and consumes its energy slowly. Only by establishing a relationship based on mutual respect can work with such signs.

Fire and air:

When fire and air are together, ideas can fly and there is stimulated creativity.

Such signs are naturally active. They move the action. The air gives direction and encouragement to fire sign.

The fire brings power, energy and decision. The air gives meaning and direction to that amount of energy.

The fire provides light and inspiration to the air signs. These signs can relate well to a creative level, also can work as a couple.

Fire and Earth:

The fire sign and land attract each other. Although not usually agree with each other, but is assured, no doubt to have the ability to complement each other.

Earth signs are amazed at the security and vitality of fire signs.

The fire signs succumb to the practical analysis of the earth signs and live a more objective reality, whereas, the earth signs offset the boldness of the fire signs.

Earth and fire can be a good team, but to fire signs it is not always easy to convince wary earth signs.

Fire and Fire:

Such signs are full of emotions, ideas, dreams. Fire with fire is the combination of exuberance, and energy. They have in common element of fire, which provides a basis for complicity.

Sometimes they will not need words to be understood and will be easily connected.

If these signs of fire do not encourage each other, the relationship will fall into monotony.

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