Signs in children: Scorpio boy with their characteristics

Published: 04th April 2011
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Born under the sign of Scorpio he will be very intense, emotional and pervasive. Since very little with his in-depth looks to understand and dominate everyone in the family. To the extent that grows, show your love for fighting. He will be a very strong child, full of energy and vitality, with an aggressive and determined character. Need a firm and consistent discipline from their parents. He will be taught to be considerate of the weak, to know how to lose, to respect authority and to forgive.
His mind is brilliant with his magnetic personality. No person shall fail to observe or to say something about him. The little Scorpion will learn from those he consider too strong for him but his parents should not forget to combine strict discipline with a great deal of love and affection. This is the sign of the passions and will always need great show of feeling. Otherwise, at maturity will be withdrawn, cold and full of fears and phobias.
He will be very frank, honest and direct and even in their personal things will be very quiet. You will need to keep their secrets and to feel that his room is his refuge. Therefore, you should never check his things. His powerful and intuition is notable since childhood as they may have premonitory dreams or visions. In addition, he will be attracted to the mysteries of life and be a great researcher. Begin to discover each one of the secrets of the family and relatives to the most shameful. To develop their innate qualities is advisable to buy a microscope, a magic trick or a chemistry set. His sharp mind and keen will have sufficient capacity to capture and understand abstract things.
He must also have a high physical activity as a sport because it takes him to download his great energy potential. Otherwise, he will become nuisances and aggressive. Show boundless loyalty to his friends and loved ones, but with the rest being hard and detached. It is important not to miss any promise with him, this may hurt as well wake up one of its facets fearsome being vindictive. Also, be as disastrous and unfair reprimands without logic and tolerance without limits.
The awakening of the sex occurs early in life and therefore He should give you a good sex education. During his teenage years will increase their rebellion and self-sufficiency. Their parents should not impose anything or choose his future career. They will safely and will act decisively to achieve their goals. In romantic matters, he will be an expert in the art of seduction (girls of this sign have more power even children). Parents must be very tough to raise a Scorpio, it's best to go to his side as needed, and then you must leave him alone and return with the trophy he covets. No matter what career or field he chooses, he will be the best.

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