Published: 04th April 2011
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Born under the sign of Aquarius he will be independent, rebellious and very special. It is not easy to describe because it is multifaceted. Will be electric and will always be in motion. From an early show his wild streak and not easily comply with the orders. His high intelligence allows to quickly learn how everything works around it. His curiosity will be enormous and sociability as well. Be attracted to everything strange, different. He has so much life and color. Therefore, not be lost sight of when to start walking. Will be very attracted to electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, audio equipment, etc., and always will put his finger on the controls, causing a nervous breakdown in their brothers or their parents. It's a good idea to have a home computer or game console because it amuses him greatly. Remember, if you have electronic equipment around you, it is better to teach to use them correctly to forbid touching. It can become a child prodigy who learns with unsurpassed speed when something of interest.

One of his biggest problems will be boredom and this is why he will always be in search of new things. His mood is variable and can go from one extreme to another on the same day. Although the behavior is unpredictable, he will generally be charming and very funny.

It is important for parents to carefully choose the school where he sent for his special mind needs to be continuously stimulated. A conservative and traditional education could be disastrous. You have to put him in touch with all the modern and futuristic. His mental waves vibrate in tune with what's coming and not to the past. He will be very intelligent but may be a little distracted, especially if bored in class. His creativity and originality will be huge and is very convenient. His artistic talent shows his creativity and is not limited to the arts only. He could also be an inventor. Therefore, a tempera game and a team of engineers who can build towers and bridges will be a good combination. He loves it, well, science fiction and everything related to the universe.

His personality combined a strong sense and great insight to a sharp and penetrating logic. His answers will be clear and precise even against an order or a suggestion, his first answer is "no." After thinking and complain some parents find that their reaction is sensible and consistent final. His great rebellion and extravagance is more openly expressed during adolescence. His parents must be prepared to accept his bizarre hairstyles or clothing, lack of adherence to schedules and unconventional behavior. Later he reassured. Remember that attack him and contradict him worse. It is best to take it with some grace and have fun with him with his outputs. The same attitude should be taken to their friends who are very "rare." He is encouraged to participate in physical activities as their large energy tends to occur only mentally. It is important to teach very young to assume responsibilities and be consistent with his decisions. That will make him more responsible and not always choose the path of least effort. Your parents must always remember that your child is very special aquarium that does not follow traditional patterns and thanks to people like him, our world changes.

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