Scorpio men

Published: 05th April 2011
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Scorpio men are intense, passionate and very private. Whenever there is some authority in the Scorpio men, it is in their eyes, the way they dress, or the mystery of their presence. Often comes as a locomotive, with a sexual energy so powerful that it is hard to ignore to feel attracted to him.

The Scorpio man usually has some wonderful talent that they passionately devoted their time, but can not be with what makes a life. In other words, this talent is their hobby: music, art, writing, acting, astrology, tarot cards. Or they can reverse this extraordinary talent in caring for their own children.

Many Scorpio men (and women) clearly prefer aggressive sports such as football or hunting. This choice of sports is often a reflection of their personal struggle with extreme emotions.


Very strong, which give them a great capacity for work. They are large and robust, in contrast to their soft face.


They are attracted to unruly and outrageous things. They love to try the impossible, reforms and revolutions. They have great qualities and great defects, the work and selfishness, meditation and violence, deceit and jealousy. They are full of contradictions. Feel much attraction for sex; especially women want to be always admired.


Achieve happiness if they depart from the opulent projects. They want to have things in their favor as they are able to fight the greatest adversity to achieve their purposes.


For their great insight, they can take care of everything. This requires a great penetration. They are also suitable for research and for companies.

SIGNS RELATED: Pisces, Libra and Cancer

SIGN COUNTER: Aquarius and Leo

TALISMAN: A snap ring for men and women of iron with a ruby or topaz, purchased Tuesday at 8 am or 3 pm.


Bad days: Monday and Friday

LUCKY NUMBER: 5 and 11


STONES OF LUCK: Topaz and Ruby

PERFUMES ADEQUATE: Jazmin and Clavel


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