Personality analysis of aquarian male

Published: 07th April 2011
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What does aquarium man has as per the zodiac?

You are curious, analytical, introverted, demanding and loyal. The Aquarium Man is methodical and thoughtful.

You like discovering new things, so you are good researchers and scientists. You are not full of romance and prefer to express your love with a hug, a kiss; but poor to remember the date of Valentine or an anniversary.

The aquariums are idealists and believe in the greatness human being. You are not easy to understand as you are introverts, so it is not easy to know you or reach you. The Aquarius does not fall in love easily; your mind is mostly on other matters.

You are not given to adventure, or love at first sight rather prefers the friendship. Often it is through friendship that you can fall in love.

You attach importance to the order, hygiene, and cleanliness; usually take care of your image.

At work:

You are innovative, enjoy working in teams but have bad routine. Weary routine jobs do not attract you. You are thoughtful and make well-informed decisions while making the pros and cons. This leads you to be efficient in your decisions, both at work and in your personal life.

The Aquarius are those who are enthusiastic about ideals, an aquarium may be behind an NGO working to achieve something without profit. To improve the world is your concern. The Aquarium is caring and tenacious.

Aquarius is a non romantic sign.

If you expect a man to remember important dates or daily tell you that he loves you; the aquarium man is not going to do so,. But that does not mean that the relationship with an aquarium is not wonderful.

You seek above all complicity with his partner, who shares your hopes, dreams, and concerns. You believe in both the long and solid relationship.

Do not expect the Aquarium Man "Guess" what you want. If you expect from an Aquarium man to remember your birthday or Valentine anniversary, you can always remind him to ensure that he does not forget.

The Aquarium Man needs space, if your partner is an aquarium, then you are sure and sound. Your nature is reserved and you need your space. You often seek solitude for a while, if at that time, you pretend to speak or say something you will certainly not pay much attention because you will be more focused in your thinking than anything else.

In the coexistence, Aquarius can sometimes be overly perfectionist.

You are perfectionist, reserved, loyal and thoughtful.

Aquarius manís compatibility:

Better compatibility with Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini

Famous Aquarius Men:

Paul Newman, James Dean, Phil Collins, Tom Selleck, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Brown

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