How To Recognize Various Zodiacs

Published: 01st April 2011
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How to recognize an Aries?

You can not confuse an Aries. They are noisy, argumentative and insistent, especially if it comes to sex. The first thing obvious about them is that their eyebrows are prominent and well drawn in women, and like sheep horns in males. It then highlights the high forehead, well defined, hair finishing point at the front and very clear. But elegant sportswear feels very well on their slender and athletic body. Aries vibrant and bold figure has great energy.The feeling of being dragged confirms that the impetuous Aries is ready to seduce.

How to Recognize a Leo?

The back hair, a confident attitude and proud, glistening with gold and captive audience, clapping and flattering: it must be a brand new Leo gaining attention. In making its appearance, the theatrical Leo stops and observes the world, waiting for them to notice them; then let the world approaching them. Leo is an amazing sign with a great need to feel admired. Want to always have an attractive appearance. The Leo likes gold and shines as the sun. They are fond of flashy gold chains and buckles. Leo women are more discreet. Another notable feature of Leo is loose hair, thick and often wavy.

How to recognize a Sagittarius?

When a man sees a woman Sagittarius, the first thing they are fixing is their long legs provided. A woman will capture the youthful and enthusiastic demeanor of a man Sagittarius. Sagittarius (both men and women) have very direct sexual approach. Not very informal and prefer the great outdoors. Tend to dislike formal wear and sporty style. Both sexes often have elongated faces, with a frank and honest expression. It is a sign that arouses immediate trust. But what better identifies a Sagittarius are the bloopers. The tactless comments are the strong point of the sign. Frank and direct, not wanting to offend. It is not your intention, but simply says the first thing that goes through your head.

How to recognize a Taurus?

Taurus is aimed firmly the object of his ardor without giving up. Taurus is a very physical sign. Beautiful eyes and indolent that attract you to bed; head and broad shoulders that taper down to small feet, a compelling voice that seduces your senses: a true Taurus. Taureans tend to be generous mate, giving them an attractive voluptuous. Also, they dress well. Both sexes prefer the flamboyant gender, rich colors and textures that caress the skin. Men usually wear dark colors and earthy, with a classic style, but with silk lingerie. Women take an exotic style. Both feel brought by the expensive and flashy accessories.

How to recognize a Virgo?

Virgos are well dressed and neat. Their clothes are always pressed and well combined. Its appeal is elegant yet unappreciated. They always manage to look nice. They never have a hair out of place. Virgo women get well revealed by the neck or remove a lock of hair from her forehead, always distracted. With its aura of purity and calm eyes, it is impossible that you want sexually, do not you think? But in the case of a Virgo, this first impression can be misleading. After all, this is a sensual earth sign, although it conceals well. A Virgo man aside nonexistent lint while confident about, ready to seduce subtly. Since this is a sign concerned about health, bodies and tends to be cared and be fit. Have a strong physical attraction, although it is a more refined earthy sensuality.

How to recognize a Capricorn?

Despite his/her sexual charisma, rarely takes the initiative. Their sexual nature only emerges with close friends. Capricorn is high, majestic and reserved, and has an aura of authority. Well groomed and always with the control of his hands, serious approach to the object of his desire. Expect others to recognize how important they are. Capricorns always dress well. They like expensive clothes and earthy or metallic color. This sign invented the business attire. For both sexes, the appearance is very important

How to recognize a Gemini?

It is easy to spot a Gemini. They are sociable, chatter, crazy and do not stop moving. First thing you do is hear because they do not stop talking and gesturing. Is full of energy and dance continuously, looking everywhere. Some wrinkled clothes, a slender figure and the head tilted to hold the phone, eyes gleaming with curiosity and a mischievous smile. A Gemini is never alone. They enjoy people and do not care to impress or entertain. For this sign is so versatile that the amazing stories and court potential lovers are on the agenda.

How to recognize a Libra?

You see that winning smile charm? A languid beauty and relaxed despite coming very, very late?When you notice a polite apology and a conciliatory appeal to summarize from every pore, you must be a loving Libra for a possible lover. Libras have very good taste and are always attractive, flashy clothes and well combined, all done up hair and immaculate makeup or shave. Nothing is out of place. When they pass a mirror, look carefully. Although they are lenient with themselves, play a sport of vanity. Their bodies are slim, or soft and wavy, but always sensual and erotic. It is a sign made for love.

How to recognize an Aquarius?

Aquarius is different, quirky, electric, eccentric and original. Is a positive sign and radiates sizzling static electricity. With all their nervous energy, aquariums tend to be agile. Fully alive is their sign ... and intelligent. But it also stands away, like a scientist observing animals in the laboratory. Many seem to carry a sign Aquarius invisibly says: "I am visiting the Earth." His/her appearance is unconventional. An Aquarius wants to stand out from the crowd. This sign is profoundly humanitarian prefers masses. To seduce, you brazenly launches personal questions, because you want to know what excites others.

How to recognize a cancer?

A Cancer is betrayed by kindly smile and ambiguous position. This sign rarely focuses on things directly. After long eyelashesthere liepoignant melancholy eyes. His/her face, pale and lunate, and sinuous body, draw the eye, like the reflection of the silver so admirable - like the Moon, Cancer have some -. Luminescent. It is a soft and pleasant sign. At first, you might crash against his hard shell, until you know better. This shy sign knows very well camouflaged, and other signs may not be aware of the firmness with which it pursues its objectives. Cancer is a sign of a very caring, always concerned for the welfare of others. When you know, you probably will offer food and drink. The second appointment with them will demonstrate an exquisite kindness, and finally you will be conquered.

How to recognize a Scorpio?

A look that penetrates to the bottom, but the eyes remain unfathomable, an aura of mystery and intensity of love, and a powerful magnetism after an enigmatic exterior can only be a sorcerer Scorpio carnal assessing your potential. Scorpios are stunning figures can initially be intimidating. Men in particular, but also women, have the appearance of a hawk. One of their typical features is penetrating and intelligent eyes. The Scorpio, with its dramatic sexual charisma and physical burning, stands out among the crowd. Scorpio man prefers discreet and expensive clothes, good sex, and often includes some red, the favorite color of this sign. A Scorpio woman dresses in bright colors. Your preferences will scratch the provocative clothing or scandal, according to your mood.

How to recognize a Pisces?

Some eyes that could sink and forever sink of mysticism and sexual fascination, an elegant footwork: it can only be a Pisces romantic magic inviting you to a network of compassion and confusion. Intuitive Pisces is extremely sensitive to the moods of others. If the person next to you tells you exactly what you're thinking with a distracted air, must be a Pisces. This sign rarely focuses directly on sexual conquest. This sign prefer a subtle influence will slowly wrapping his/her condescending victim. It is a sign of hypnotist. When flashing with those big eyes when theyactivate the vulnerable charm, you forget everything. Pisces has the bait in the trap. And that falls on its fascinated surrender.

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