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Published: 03rd March 2011
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Mars (Mars symbol.svg) Is the ruling planet of Aries , and for many astrologers, in Scorpio , being exalted in Capricorn . Mars is the Roman god of war and bloodshed, whose symbol is a spear and a shield (which is derived from the glyph). The symbol of Mars is also male, as this includes the archetypal male God and man fully capable of reproductive and sexual relations: thus Mars represents man as sex and testosterone. Violence and aggression and energy to undertake projects. It is the male life force, as opposed to the female life force which is symbolized by the goddess Venus.

Both the soil of Mars and the hemoglobin in the blood are rich in iron, and thus share their unique deep red color. Mars orbits the Sun in 687 days, spending about 57.25 days in each sign of the zodiac. It is also the first planet orbiting outside the Earth's orbit so it is the first planet that does not advance accompanied the sun, from the geocentric view.

Astrologically , Mars is associated with trust and self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, power, strength, ambition, and impulsiveness. sports governing art, contests and physical activity in general. The first-century poet Manilius, described the planet Mars as an ardent, and as the lesser evil .

In medical astrology Mars rules the sex organs or genitals, the muscular system, the gonads and adrenal glands. Its qualities are described as evil, male, daytime, dry, hot, sterile and active, and their temperament is bilious . Has been associated with fever, accidents, trauma, pain and surgery.

In modern astrology, Mars is said to have governed the houses I and VIII.

The planet Mars

Before the discovery of Pluto , is universally considered the ruler of Scorpio . Most modern astrologers consider Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, but many understand Mars as a co-regent, while all traditional astrologers still regard Mars as the sole ruler of Scorpio. The award is giving regencies regency Mars diurnal and nocturnal Aries Scorpio and, conversely, giving Pluto the diurnal rulership of Scorpio and Aries night.

Mars is associated with the Tuesday, and in the languages word for Tuesday romancela often resembles Mars (in Spanish , Tuesdays and French mardi ). Dante Alighieri associated Mars with the liberal art of arithmetic .

In Chinese astrology , Mars is ruled by the element Fire , a passionate, energetic and adventurous. In Indian astrology , Mars is called Mangala and represents the energy, confidence and ego.

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